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Review: The Body Shop - Shower Gels and Creams

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Mango | Vineyard Peach (disc) | Honeymania| Raspberry (disc)| Cocoa| Shea | Coconut
I've been a massive fan of The Body Shop for years; I am a sucker for all of their products. Because of this, my collection has become rather extensive over the past year. I apologise to my bank account in advance, as this will continue to grow.
I find that their scents are true to reality, with no overpowering 'artificial' smells (they all surprisingly smell like the real deal, I promise), and the wide range of scents enable anyone to find one to suit their taste. All products are cruelty free and work with fair trade companies. They're also good size bottles; so for those of you who are skeptical due to the price, they do last a decent amount of time.
I own a good range of their shower gels and creams (seven to be precise, with multiples of my favourites stocked up!), and can simply state that I love them

The Body Shop | Shower Gels | £4.00

These Shower Gels come in a 250ml bottle. I find that the lids are quite sturdy, so travelling with these is not an issue. The products contain organic oils, real fruit extracts, community fair trade and cruelty-free ingredients depending on the scent. All  shower gels are soap-free and therefore are really good for sensitive skins. SO much nicer than colour/fragrance free gels - I hated using those types of product when I had eczema. No fun whatsoever.

Mango - Contains real mango seed oil and extract; giving it a truly exotic scent. Pale yellow coloured gel. My sister loves this! (She's also obsessed with the fruit too, so I'm not surprised).

Vineyard Peach - Contains real peach extract. Coral/peach coloured gel. This is currently discontinued, but it is known to return every so often - look in outlet stores or in the sale. This is probably tied favourite for me;  I adore fresh Spanish peaches in the summer and this is exactly what it reminds me of. 

Honeymania™ - Contains Community Fair Trade honey made from the nectar of wildflowers sourced from Ethiopia. Golden/yellow coloured gel. It has quite a light scent with a real floral burst to it; great for those who do not enjoy very strong smelling products.

Raspberry - Contains real raspberry extract, making the scent extremely realistic. True raspberry/pink coloured gel (aaaaah It's so pretty!). Remember raspberry Petit Filous yoghurts as a child? This. This is what it smells like. It is perfect. I have nothing else to say.

The Body Shop | Shower Gels | £4.00
These Shower Creams come in the same 250ml bottle so the bottles are equally as sturdy. The consistency of these is similar to the gel, but is much creamier. The colours are opaque rather than clear. They are intensively moisturising and maybe even seen as luxurious on the skin. They leave the skin feeling soft and smooth and work incredibly well when followed by the matching body butters. These are perfect for both summer and winter, or whenever you need some added skin hydration. I own all three current Shower Creams; and if you were wondering, the two on the left are the old packaging and the one on the right is the new packaging.

Coconut - Contains Community Fair Trade virgin coconut oil and is targeted for normal to dry skin. By far the most moisturising and is great in the summer. The scent is beautiful and captures the coconut scent perfectly (without smelling too sunscreen-like).

Shea - Contains real shea butter, and is probably the least girly scent out of them all. Yes, it is still femenine, but it's got a much a deeper scent to it - not so floral. The website describes it as a 'nutty' scent, but that definitely isn't how I would word it. I must have gone through around five of these, and this was the first shower product I bought from The Body Shop.

Cocoa Butter - Contains real Community Fair Trade cocoa butter from Ghana. It is exactly as it describes: cocoa butter scented. it has a fairly natural smell to it too, so not too intense (in a similar way to the HoneyMania™).

It is safe to say that these are my absolute favourite body-related shower products. I definitely recommend giving them a try. I've even gotten my family hooked on them!

Have you ever tried these shower gels or creams? Which one's your favourite?

xo, alana
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