Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Nails Of The Moment: Orly's 'Perfectly Plum'

hiya guys;

It is no secret that I am a nail addict. Ask anyone. So where better to post my latest nail-related finds than here?

I am genuinely so boring when it comes to my choice of colours. I have a tendency of switching between black, burgundy and purple and that is literally it. Even in summer, my nails are jet black. Why? I don't know. (They just are, okay?) But being so fair, dark nails make my hands look almost vampire-like. I felt as if i had to break out of my comfort zone and dive into the pool of colour - and when is better to do this than in spring?
Admittedly, this colour is still kind of dark and doesn't stray that far from the usual choices, but it is very different to anything I've tried so far.

Orly's Perfectly Plum - £6.75 on Amazon

I don't do pink. Not ever. It literally just isn't an option. But this doesn't scream 'pink!' to me, (even though it basically is). Orly's 'Perfectly Plum' is a perfect mid-ground between raspberry and plum polishes. On my skin tone, it appears much more pink-toned and brighter than I've seen in other photos which I can only assume is down to the lightness of my natural nail colour.
It is totally opaque and never needs any more than two-three thin coats. I've used it on both short nails and my occasional 'feline claw' length (yes, this is in fact what my mum calls my nails). It looks beautiful on all skin tones, nail lengths/shapes and with a lot of outfits. It's something that I don't really have to think about. It just seems to go with everything - especially dark denim, black, leather, pure white, eg. everything I wear on a daily basis. It adds a pop of colour without being too garish and in-your-face.  I've actually been wearing this for two months straight now. I think that represents my love for it pretty accurately.

And it also unintentionally matches my blog's accent colour. Oh the irony. Cute though, right?

For those of you who haven't tried Orly, give them a try. They come in both 10ml  or 18ml bottles and are great quality for their price. I know that Boots retails their 10ml bottles for £5, but they don't have a massive selection online. I buy my 18ml bottles from beauty supply stores or on Amazon. The smaller ones are great for colours you don't use as often, and I buy bigger ones for colours I use all the time (eg black and nude).

On the nails. Midi ring from Accessorize.
This photo really doesn't do the colour justice; but it's as close as I could get to capturing its true colour. This is probably a bit brighter than it should be. Sorry! I'll get working on my photography skills..

So, Whats your all time favourite nail polish or nail trend? 
xo, alana
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pps, I apologise for missing last weeks post. School comes first. I promise not to do it again though!

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